Me, myself n mylife as a designer

hey u olz... thinking way way back b4 im on twitter which make me forget to blog i felt such a douche... thats what i think... but.... oke2... kita ckp melayu lah... best cket nk berstory....
ngeh2.. disaat terhenti waktu ketika aku berhenti berblogging.... antara alasannya ::

          1. kerja-kerja as a graphic designer.
          2. lack of internet.
          3. being such a arse.
          4. not creative enuff to post anything.
          5. lots more.

ok2... pas nie u oll nk taw apa i akan wat...? i akan wat new website which is my artwork will b on it... its a start to become a freelance designer.... n any of u want me to do ur chores ex: kad kawen, photoshoot, editing, bla3.... juz gimme me a hit... eheheh.... gd day u olz... peace out~~

2 ulasan:

Kitty berkata...

You're not a douche just because you've forgotten the blog. It's just everybody has other things to mind. :)

Oooo you nak jadi freelance designer ke? I'm a part-time freelance web designer too tapi more into coding. Tapi kalau bab graphic, hampeh. :p

Good luck with your endeavour. :D

Sharifah syazee berkata...

bw here :)

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